In June 2011 we played at the Int. Jazz Festival Saint Louis in Senegal. Saint Louis, the old capital in the time of French colonialism, is in the North of Senegal, a West African country. The old town of Saint Louis is situated on an island amidst the Senegal River.

Spontaniously we decided to play a few songs with a Senegalese percussionist. We also had a jam with the Ablaye Cissoko band in the Institute Francaise, which was an interresting introduction in West African music. Their musical approach reminded us a bit of Joe Zawinul, who also performed there a few years ago.

Besides the great experience of playing there, we had an adventurous time in Senegal with Christine Reissegger and Michel Choisne (the fastest driver between Paris and Dakar) and Embassador Dr. Gerhard and Christine Deiss.